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  • Computerised Woodworking! My next Creative Spark workshops will be a 5-session evening course in CNC carving for beginners, starting Wednesday, March 11th, 2020. Book your spot now at Creative Spark’s website. Space is limited.
  • The CNC workshop at Creative Spark in October went well…See photos here.
  • Dublin Maker fair was a huge success, with ~10,000 visitors to this event on July 20, 2019. I brought my Handibot portable CNC machine and lots of examples of what you can do with CNC carving. I helped the kids design customised name signs and carve them out of wood or acrylic. We also used a Sharpie pen holder to do CNC drawing of their designs. Photos here.
  • My CNC carving booth at the Dublin Maker fair was featured in a piece in the August newsletter of Shopbot Tools.
  • Here is a Dublin Maker blog post about me and my Mobile CNC booth at the Dublin Maker fair at Merrion Square in Dublin, Ireland:
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Maker Workshops by Prof. Steve M. Potter: CAD, CNC, electronics, neurohacking and more!

I teach hands-on maker workshops across Ireland. I can get you started with computer-aided design using Fusion360 (which is free for makers) and computer-numerical control (CNC) carving of wood and plastic with a portable Handibot. I also teach soldering, electronics and coding for Arduino projects. And how to repair or repurpose all sorts of things. Let me know what you would like to make! If you have a makerspace, meeting hall or another venue that you think would work for a making meetup, get in touch with me. Email me with a polite heading that uses my name (or else it will be marked as spam) to steve at 

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I have written how-to guides for some of my maker projects on I have lots more projects that I documented with photos but have not had a chance to write up yet. I have posted some of those here on this site. Click here to go to my Instructables portfolio.