Things I’ve Made

Wood computer keyboard with Scrabble tile keys. The function keys follow the resistor colour code.
Fluorescent acrylic book holder
Laminated acrylic box and tray for my CNC cutters, which were used to make the box and tray.
Room for 3 trays
Oak and birch ply box, with magnetite latch
Solid mahogany pen set holder
Observation Deck
Inlay using CNC V-carving technique. Spruce and mahogany.
3D terrain relief map of Dundalk & vicinity, Ireland – CNC carved in birch ply
Flower Press with desiccant
Portable level2 electric car charger
Epoxy-coated marquetry for my Macbook Air – Mahogany and bird’s eye maple
Sturdy workbench with angle braces
Solar-powered heating oil tank monitor. Sends me alerts when oil is low.
“SunRisa” V.3 dawn simulator and alarm clock. Two 100-W LEDs gradually light up on dark mornings. Controllable by bluetooth app.
Freelancers’ Pen Holder – To help remember what day of the week it is when you work at home. CNC carved and assembled with 7 types of wood veneer.

My sister, Crista Smyth, also does creative woodworking and digital art. Check out the amazing things she does with driftwood! She makes custom handrails, drawer-pulls and sculptures inspired by Nature’s Hand.