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TOG CNC feedback

Rating: 10/10
“There was a lot covered during the Day. I thought the balance was perfect between Fusion and the HandiBot. It was a well designed and well executed course”
-Jim C.

TOG CNC workshop

Leif M.

Rating 10/10
“Got me thinking about CNC applications as I am currently interested in 3d printing.” “I thought it was very well thought out and presented.”
-Leif M.

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Leif M.
TOG CNC workshop

Phil Roddy

5 stars
I’ve been to several class’s at the Belfast Tool library (BTL) and I always learn something new. When you are at a class with Professor Steve Potter, he knocks it out of the park. Steve is a great tutor, explains everything really well, no question is too stupid and Steve is over generous with his time towards his students. Steve’s class’s normally run over their allocated timeslots due to his attention to detail, but also the fact that Steve wants everyone to go home with a finished working project. I previously attended an introduction to electronics with Steve and picked up some great tips of how to solder properly. My following class’s involved making an LED sign using CNC equipment and software. WOW! Never again will I look at an LED sign and think, “That took a few minutes to make!”. I have a good knowledge of graphic design which came in handy to create my text, but I also used borders from the V carve software and an image from the 3 Bee studio to start and create my design. I kept it very basic as this was my first ever CNC project, but the final product looks amazing! Steve talked me through the V carve software, how to create toolpaths, simulating toolpaths to see how they may look and then he allowed me to actually use his own CNC machine, which is a work of art, never mind electronics. Steve talks you through all the checks necessary to ensure your safety but also to ensure your toolpaths are set up correctly with the correct bit or flute attached to achieve the correct cut. There are bits, but in CNC there are also O flutes with conventional and climbing cuts. Steve explained everything in detail and boy did I learn a lot in two class’s. I now have a unique gift that not only is an LED Sign, it can also be operated remotely using a mobile phone app! Steve is so well prepared that you not only receive a certificate in completing his course but you also get a cover to take your product home. I’m already signed up to Steve’s other class’s at the BTL and I’m contemplating buying my own CNC router as this class was so good and a really fun project. Professor Potter, it was a pleasure working with you and can I tank you again for your time, patience and your solid instructions into the world of CNC carving.
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Barry McAuley

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5 Stars
Steve’s beginner electronics class was exceptional, I got so much hands-on experience with soldering that I’m now comfortable with simple soldering tasks and have completed a couple in my own time. Steve guided us through making a transistor tester and let us stay for hours longer than the planned slot to complete our projects. Everyone completed their projects, with the help of Steve with debugging any issues, and we were all very satisfied. Steve was very generous with his time and helpful, I definitely plan to come back.
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